Registration deadlines


Online registration will end at 5:00 pm on Thursday July 8.  Registration deadline for Tours is June 30.  Classes with earlier registrations deadlines are below.

B:4 Design Tricks: Moving Beyond the Recipe June 2
H:6 Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns June 2
K:3 Boundweave June 15
L:1 Weaving the Navajo Way June 15
K:6 Tablet Band Incorporated into Fabric June 23
J:2 Bhutanese Kushutara Weaving June 28
J:1 Double Cloth June 30
K:1 Weaving in 3-D June 30
K:2 Jumpstart Vest June 30
K:4 Tapestry: Beyond 101 and Beyond June 30
H:5 Treasures from the loom: introduction to sewing with handwoven fabric July 1
K:5 Beyond Beginning July 1
A:5, B:5 Woven Metal Pendant/Pin July 5
B:5 Woven Metal Pendant/Pin July 5
H:4 Woven Metal Jewelry July 5
C:5 Weave, Knit, Wear – Using Knitting to Add Shape and Style to Woven Garments July 7
M:1 Weaving for Beginners on the 4-Harness Floor Loom July 9
B:6 Inkle Weaving – More Than Red Tape July 12
C:6 Button, Button, Who’s got the… Polymer Clay Buttons and more July 12
D:5 Round & Round: Weave a Tubular Necklace July 12