2017 Registration Brochure errata


Please note the following corrections to the 2017 Registration Brochure:

Corrections as of  July 5, 2017:
Page 4:

Online registration will end at 5:00 pm on Saturday, July 8.

February 1, 2017:
Page 7:

The distance from campus to The Autumn Inn is 0.4 miles.

January 14, 2017:
Registration form

Correction: Price for Tour 1 is $75
Omission: Price for Tour 2 is $30

Page 5, 6

Tour 1: Local History at Deerfield Museum and Contemporary Creativity with Designer Kristin Nicholas. Price for Tour 1 is $75

Tour 2: Tapestry Talk and Studio Visit with Micala Sidore. Price for Tour 2 is $30

Page 14:

A 3: Weaving in Bhutan taught by Wendy Garrity:  there is no materials fee for this class

Page 19:

F 2:  Atwater-Bronson Lace taught by Marjie Thompson: description omitted, see class description here.

Page 20:

F 5: Class title is Exploring the Fashion Show, and will be taught by Sarah Fortin.

Page 22:

Understanding the Design Process, Fabric to Wear taught by Sarah H. Jackson: correct class number is G 5.

H 5 should be Treasures from the loom: introduction to sewing with handwoven fabric taught by Sarah Jackson; description omitted, see class description here.

Page 23, 24:

J 3: Tablet Band Incorporated into Fabric taught by Inge Dam: correct class number is K 6;  at the end of the class description, ignore the line that says “Total ends: 144.”

Page 24:

K 1: Weaving in 3-D taught by Sarah Fortin: Equipment needed: warping board and loom.

Page 25:

K 6: Weaving the Navajo Way  taught by Lynda Teller Pete: correct class number is L 1

L 1: Weaving for Beginners on the 4-Harness Floor Loom taught by Carol Birtwistle:  correct class number is M 1