Entry Requirements for NEWS 2017 Fashion and Gallery Shows


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Entry Requirements
  • The weaver must be a member in good standing of a weaving guild that pays dues to the New England Weavers Seminar. Registration and attendance at NEWS is not required.
  • Entries must be submitted through that guild’s representative to NEWS. The guild is responsible for deciding whether entries will be pre-juried. Check with the representative for guild-specific rules and deadlines.
  • A weaver may only submit entries through one guild even if they belong to more than one.
  • Each weaver may submit three entries for the Gallery Show and three entries for the Fashion Show.
  • An entry may consist of more than one piece, such as a three-piece suit, a set of placemats, or a set of scarves from one warp. Only one entry fee is charged for the set of pieces in this case.
  • Structured clothing may only be entered in the Fashion Show. Shawls and scarves must be entered in the Fashion Show. Other accessories (such as ties, belts, jewelry) must be entered in the Gallery Show.
  • Collaborative entries are permitted as long as each person’s contributions are clearly identified on the entry form. Any prize awarded to the entry will be shared by the collaborators; it is the piece that receives the award, not the weaver or seamstress. Fractional points will be awarded towards Weaver of Distinction recognition.
  • The work must have been completed since the last NEWS in July 2015. The work must be finished, i.e., ready to display or wear.
  • The work must be clean and free of major errors.
  • The fabric must be appropriate for the end use and have appropriate finishing.
  • The work must be original or an historical reproduction of a traditional piece existing in the public domain prior to 1923. Historical reproductions must be labeled as such. So-called
    “recipe weaving” is not acceptable.
  • The visible surface of articles must be at least 75% handwoven. The NEWS definition of “handwoven” is found at the end of this document.
  • Conventional machine sewing techniques may be used in the construction of garments such as jackets and vests, including the use of topstitching and sewn-in zippers.


NEWS Definition of Handwoven

Articles submitted to the NEWS Gallery Show must be created in a process where every step is initiated and carried out by the weaver(s). The focus must be on the inter-working during the creation of the piece rather than on later modifications to the piece.

  • The weaving techniques employed, i.e. the treatment of the warp and weft elements, may include one or more of the following:
    Interlacing (e.g., plain weave, overshot, twills),
  • Twisting (e.g., leno, gauze),
  • Twining, wrapping (e.g., Brook’s bouquet, some rug techniques),
  • Knotting (e.g., rya rugs, some finger laces, and some embroidery weave techniques, but not macramé)

(To see pictures/illustrations of the techniques mentioned here please refer to Irene Emery’s book, The Primary Structures of Fabrics (1966, 1980, 1994): Section II, Parts C1, C2, C3, C special notes, and D1, D2, and D3. If you still have questions, please consult a show coordinator for assistance.)

Also acceptable are plaiting, oblique interlacing (e.g., braiding, work from triangular looms), oblique twining (e.g., ply-splitting), sprang, and bobbin lace.

Any other techniques may comprise the remaining 25%

The NEWS committee has decided that all beaded components of a piece, including bead weaving, be allowed only in the 25% non-woven part, regardless of how they
were created.

Baskets may be entered in the gallery show, but must meet all of the above criteria.

Felted pieces may be entered in the shows, but must meet all of the above criteria, therefore needle-felting and other non-woven felting are not allowed except as the 25% non-
woven part of an entry.

The committees for both shows reserve the right to not submit for judging and/or not exhibit any piece deemed inappropriate.