Entry Instructions for 2017 Fashion and Gallery Shows


This page is available in printer-friendly .pdf format.

  • Please neatly type or write with dark ink to complete each form.
  • Your guild NEWS representative will assign you an identification number to use with each piece submitted. Please use this number on entry forms, labels, and packing materials for each piece.
  • For each entry you should submit the following to your guild representative:
    • One copy of the entry form
    • One copy of the draft sheet (computer-generated is fine)
    • One copy of an overall photo of the entire item, which may be digitally printed on paper or a regular photographic print. Slides, CDs, and DVDs are not acceptable.
    • One swatch of fabric or one photocopy of the fabric (place fabric on color photocopier and print). Swatch or copy may be any size. Yarn samples may also be included. Please attach the fabric with staples or sewing thread since non-archival tape degrades over time. A swatch is highly recommended because show visitors can touch the sample and it becomes a part of the permanent NEWS traveling library. For 2019, please note that a swatch will be required.  See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the sample requirements.
    • At least one digital image of your piece to be used as part of a slide show at the awards ceremony in case your piece wins an award. Please email the digital image to your guild representative.
      • This file must be a .jpeg file and should be medium format, or not larger than 3MB.
      • The name of the .jpeg file should be the entry number of the piece then your name. For
        example 100-12Smith.
      • If you do not understand .jpeg or medium format, just take a picture and email it to your guild rep. These are common camera settings and it will probably be fine.
    • $10 for each entry, cash or check made payable to your guild, as instructed by your guild rep
    • Your name should only appear where requested on the entry form. Do NOT write your name elsewhere on the paperwork.
  • You may wish to keep copies for your records because the forms , samples and photographs will NOT be returned to you. After NEWS, the entry forms will be placed in the NEWS Traveling Library.
  • Do not use sheet protectors. The NEWS committees will add matching archival sheet protectors after receiving the entry forms.
  • Identify each entry with a small tag (paper, fabric or Tyvek) with the code # printed on (in pencil or permanent ink) sewn to the back bottom right, the inside right shoulder seam or another place which will not show during exhibition. No identifying information should be visible.