2017 Fashion and Gallery show award winners


Past award winners, 2007 – 2015

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Faculty Award

Jeanetta Jones Memorial Award — Structural Creativity, Engineered Weaving or Innovative
Kathe Todd-Hooker

NEWS Awards–Fashion

Best of Show: Manon Pelletier ~ “Fall Fest”
1st Time Entrant: Claudia Spaulding ~ “Step Back!”
Judges’ Choice: Carol Wooten ~ “Bill’s Choice”
People’s Choice: Carol Wooten ~ “Bill’s Choice”
Category Awards
Jackets, Skirts & Dresses
1st ~ Barbara June Gordon ~ “Snap, Crackle, Pleat”
2nd ~ Marjorie Wheeler ~ “November Shadow”
Scarves – Fewer than 8 Shafts
1st ~ Susan Wright ~ “Birches”
2nd ~ Susan Wright ~ “She Persisted”
Scarves – 8 Shafts
1st ~ Ruth Buchman ~ “Night Rhythms”
2nd ~ Mary Schwartz ~ “Diamonds at Dusk”
Scarves — Over 8 Shafts
1st ~ Anita Thompson ~ “Painted Waters”
2nd ~ Claudia Spaulding ~ “Mauna Loa”
Shawls – 8 Shafts or Fewer
1st ~ Barbara Herbster ~ “Dahlia Sunset”
2nd ~ Darcy Topper ~ “Tire Tracks in Spring Snow”
Shawls – Over 8 shafts
1st ~ Toby Goldsmith “Cycles”
Tops & Tunics
1st ~ Manon Pelletier ~ “Fall Fest”
2nd ~ Deborah Kaplan ~ “Trilobite Tunic”
1st ~ Barbara June Gordon ~ “Fully Divested: One Warp, Two Vests”
2nd ~ Judy Schaefer ~ “Fibonacci Folly”

Sponsored Awards–Fashion

Complex Weavers: Excellence in Complex Weaving
Barbara June Gordon ~ “Snap, Crackle, Pleat”
Cranberry Country Weavers: Exemplary Use of the Color Red or Cranberry
Vicki White ~ “Desert Sunset Shawl”
Handweavers Guild of America: Outstanding Creativity and Craftsmanship
Susan Wright ~ “Birches”
Handweavers Guild of Connecticut:  Jo Parsons Award for Surface Design
Diana Vaughn ~ “Peruvian Clouds”
ProChemical:  Best Use of Hand-Dyed Fiber
Carol Wooten ~ “Bill’s Choice”
Schacht:  Best Use of Blocks or Rectangles
Ruth Buchman ~ “Night Rhythms”
Textile Arts Center:  Best Use of Color or Texture
Lynn Field ~ “Embracing Color”
Weavers’ Guild of Boston:  Nancy Hodes Best Use of Shibori or Variegated Dye
Mary Schwartz ~ “Diamonds at Dusk”
WEBS:  Best Use of Tencel or Bamboo
Barbara Herbster ~ “Dahlia Sunset”
The Woolery:  Best Use of Texture or Best Use of Silk
Deborah Kaplan ~ “Wave Play in Purple & Green”

NEWS Awards–Gallery

Best of Show:  Molly McLaughlin ~ “Moments”
1st Time Entrant: Gay McGeary ~ “Lisbon Star with Tree Border Coverlet” and “Rose & Star with Double Tree Border Coverlet”
Judges’ Choice: Susan Wright ~ “Windows”
Popular Choice: Molly McLaughlin ~ “Moments”
Category Awards
1st place ~ Zaiga Upitis ~ “Lielvardes Josta (District of Leilvarde, Latvia-sash)”
1st place ~ Barbara F. Morse ~ “Summer Seashell Purse“
2nd place ~ Janice Lyons ~ “Carry with Pride “
Blankets and Coverlets
1st place (TIE) ~ Gay McGeary ~ “Lisbon Star with Tree Border Coverlet“
1st place (TIE) ~ Gay McGeary ~ “Rose & Star with Double Tree Border Coverlet“
1st place ~ Doris Koziol ~ “Opposites Attract“
2nd place ~ Susan Wright ~ “Windows“
1st place ~ KC Alexander ~ “Wood Ducks in Flight“
2nd place ~ Kathy Eklund ~ “A Bevy of Bookmarks“
1st place ~ Elizabeth Greene ~ “Autumn Thoughts”
2nd place ~ Anita Thompson ~ “Summer, Winter, Fall”
Rugs Over 6’ Long
1st place ~ Vicki White ~ “Painted Desert”
Rugs Under 6’ Long
1st place ~ Mary Ann Kistner ~ “Bob”s Folly”
Table Runners Over 8 Shafts
1st place ~ Anne Gradczuk Graham ~ “Antique Floral”
Table Runners and Placemats 8 Shafts and Under
1st place ~ Anita Thompson ~ “Green and Gold”
2nd place ~ Lisa Geigen ~ “Lisa’s Surrender”
Tablecloths, Curtains and Yardage
1st place ~ Deborah Kaplan ~ “Art Deco Curtain”
1st place ~ Jill A. Hunter ~ “8Symmetry”
2nd place ~ Deborah Kaplan ~ “Satin Leaf Towel”
Wall Hangings Under 700 Square Inches
1st place ~ Molly McLaughlin ~ “Moments”
2nd place ~ Julie Singer George ~ “Ariel’s Journey”
Wall Hangings Over 700 Square Inches
1st place ~ KC Alexander ~ “A Change in Zip Code”
2nd place ~ Barbara June Gordon ~ “In the Garden of David”

Sponsored Awards–Gallery

Lucienne Coifman:  Excellence in Rep
KC Alexander ~ “Wood Ducks in Flight”
Chris Hammel:  Proficiency in Embroidery Weavers or Finger Laces
Georgia R Hadley ~ “Just Leno #15”
Complex Weavers: Excellence in Complex Weaving
Barbara June Gordon ~ “In the Garden of David”
Cranberry Country Weavers Guild:  Exemplary Use of the Color Cranberry or Red
Zaiga Upitis ~ “Lielvardes Josta (District of Leilvarde, Latvia-sash)”
Handweavers’ Guild of Connecticut:  Best Historical Interpretation or Reproduction
Gay McGeary ~ “Lisbon Star with Tree Border Coverlet”
Hill Institute:  Proficiency in Rep Weave
Deborah Kaplan ~ “Leaf Repp”
Hill Institute:  Proficiency in Use of Linen
Deborah Kaplan ~ “Art Deco Curtain”
Just Our Yarn:  Best Use of Variegated Yarn
Mary Alice Hayes ~ “Daylilies”
Pioneer Valley Weavers Award:  Barbara Elkins Award for Creativity and Originality in Following the “What Would Happen If …. Trail”
Jill A. Hunter ~ “8Symmetry”
ProChemical:  Best Use of Hand Dyed Fiber
Molly McLaughlin ~ “Moments”
Textile Arts Center: Best Use of Color and Texture
Susan Wright ~ “Windows”
Vavstuga Studio:  Best Use of Block Weavers in Linen
Deborah Kaplan ~ “Satin Leaf Towel”
Weavers Guild of Boston:   Bertha Gray Hayes Award for Excellence in Overshot
Gar McGeary ~ “Rose & Star with Double Tree Border Coverlet”
WEBS:  Randall Darwall Award for Inspired and Inspiring Use of Color
Molly McLaughlin ~ “Moments”
WEBS:  Rebecca Dea Award for First Time Entrant
Doris Koziol ~ “Opposites Attract”