NEWS Traveling Library


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At NEWS 2017 the Traveling Library will be available in the Ballroom on the second floor of the Davis Center.

Thursday: 12:30 – 5 pm
Friday and Saturday: 8:30 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 8:30 – 11:30am

Accessibility: Swipe your OneCard (room and/or meal plan card) at the door to enter the elevator lobby, which is located at the end of the ramp at the rear of the Davis Center. For visitors who do not have OneCards, signs will be posted at Davis and in the Registration lounge in the Campus Center with a number to call to request entry. No card is required to exit, and no card is required to access the stairs.

The Traveling Library consists of notebooks of handwoven swatches and drafts. Most of
the books contain only one weave structure, and some are further divided by number of
harnesses. Some are records of fashion shows, gallery shows and study groups. All are
fascinating.The Traveling Library notebooks are available for checkout by any NEWS
member guild, or any individual member of such a guild. You MUST be a member in good
standing of a member guild in order to borrow the notebooks. Please check with your
membership chair of your guild to verify your membership status.

Check out is simple: call Ro Spinelli or email her. Please, when emailing, put
“NEWS Traveling Library” in the subject line. Ro will mail the notebook to you. The
borrower pays postage both ways and may keep the notebook for up to 3 months (except
that all books must be returned prior to the biennial NEWS seminar).

Notebooks may not be borrowed while NEWS is in session.

All members of NEWS guilds are encouraged to submit a sample of their work to the
traveling library! Just one will do, or submit as many times as you like. You may use the
NEWS library draft sheet or any draft sheet you are familiar with. Please include the
threading and treadling draft, warp and weft yarns descriptions or samples, sett used, reed
used, and the woven sample of at least 4″x4″. Please attach the swatch of actual fabric to
the draft. These samples are then filed in the appropriate notebooks, so that new examples,
new yarns, and new colors appear within each weave structure category.

The Library is in need of examples of more than 4 harnesses, in many of the weave
structure category notebooks. Please think of the Traveling Library whenever you weave!
One 4″ woven sample with draft sheet and information is a great way to share your work
and have it as part of this inspirational library!

Guilds and study groups are also encouraged to make an extra whole notebooks for the
library of any studies group, friendship weavings projects, or guild projects they may do
as a group. The Traveling Library exists so that a permanent record of your work will be
available to other guilds for study purposes and for inspiration!

To submit a draft and handwoven swatch to this Special Library/Traveling Library, mail it to:
NEWS Traveling Library
c/o Rosemonde Spinelli
[contact your guild’s NEWS representative for mailing address]

All sample notebooks are available to borrow for up to 3 months, EXCEPT the Notebooks
of the entries for the NEWS exhibits. These Seminar Exhibition Books are available to
view at the NEWS seminar, or by special arrangement with Ro. Ro has traveled the library
to two guilds this past year for their guild programs. You can also view the entire library at
The Felos Art Center, in Stoughton, where Ro Spinelli has her studio, by arranging date
and time with Ro. If you would like a Traveling Library listing and rules for borrowing,
please email Ro and please put NEWS Traveling Library in the subject line.

# Notebook Name
1 A German Weaver’s Pattern Book Vol. 1
2 A German Weaver’s Pattern Book Vol. 2
3 A German Weaver’s Pattern Book Vol. 3
4 A German Weaver’s Pattern Book Vol. 4
5 A German Weaver’s Pattern Book Vol. 5
6 4 Harness Broken Twills
7 Shadow Weave 4 Harness and More
8 Plain Weave
9 Multi-Harness Huck Lace
10 Surface Weaves and Supplemental Warp &Weft
11 4 Harness Huck
12 Summer and Winter
13 Narrow Bands, Inkle, Card and Cardboard looms
14 4 Harness Point Twills
15 Multi Harness Point Twills
16 Lace Bronson- 4 Harness and More
17 Spot Bronson- 3 Harness and More
18 4 Harness Straight Twills
19 Monks Belt
20 Multi Harness Straight Twills
21 Rosepath
22 Basket and Rib Weaves
23 Crackle – 4 Harness and More
24 Double Weave and Stitched Double Cloth
25 Warp Rep and Bound Weave
26 Satin Damask, Mock Satin, and Mock Damask
27 Honeycomb and Spetsvar
28 Canvas Weave – 3 harness and More
29 Swedish Lace
30 Overshot from Published Patterns
31 Complex Weaves
32 4 Harness Twill Variations
33 M’s and O’s 4 Harness and More
34 Overshot: Original Name Drafts, More than 4
35 Color and Weave on Twill
36 Twelve Treadlers Volume 1
37 Twelve Treadlers Volume 2
38 Spinning, Dying and Felting
39 Misc. Twills and Twill derivatives
40 Finger Laces, Bead Leno & Embroidery Weaves
41 Surface Interest
42 Friendship Treading CCW 2001
43 Huck Study Group CCW 2002
44 Friendship Treadling Moonlight Weavers 2003
45 Stripes, Checks and Plain Weave, NEWS Class given by M. Thompson 2005
46 Historic Textiles, class at 2005 EWS
47 Miscellaneous notebook
G1 NEWS 2001 Gallery Show Notebook
G2 NEWS 2003 Gallery Show Notebook
G3 NEWS 2005 Gallery Show Notebook
G4 NEWS 2007 Gallery Show Notebook
G5 NEWS 2009 Gallery Show Notebook
F1 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1977
F2 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1979
F3A NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1983 Vol. 1
F3B NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1983 Vol. 2
F4A NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1987 Vol.1
F4B NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1987 Vol.2
F5 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1989
F6 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1991
F7 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1993
F8A NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 1999
F8B NEWS Fashion Show- Slide Carousel 1999
F9 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 2001
F10 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 2003
F11 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 2005
F12 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 2007
F13 NEWS Fashion Show- Notebook 2009